Dear Andrew,

I just wanted to thank you and say how much I appreciated the session we had yesterday. It was incredible!

You expertly disentangled me from so many shackles from the past and restored so much balance and energy within me. I now believe this will continue in helping propel me forwards in unimaginable ways.

I woke up this morning feeling far more positive in general, with so much more energy and zest for life.

I have felt reflective of how my past life experiences have played a part in shaping my life to date and the struggles I have encountered, learning much from the insights gleaned.

I am now hopeful of continued progress in terms of physical pain and for continued growth in this lifetime.

I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the healing I have already encountered through you and your wonderful work, you truly are amazing!

Sending you love and peace.
— Alison
I had an amazing past lives healing session with an amazing man, Andrew Reeve. It was phenomenal, informative and brilliant. If you are interested in feeling free, more energy and aliveness, I would highly, highly recommend this 1 hour therapy over Skype. Apart from getting very accurate past lives account, anything that has been blocking you that you may not be aware of is draining your energy, or stopping you moving forward this will be one not to miss. A small investment for huge value.
— Fiorella