Energy Healing: A simple method of re-balancing negative energies within and around you to return you good health.
Non-regressive Past Life Healing: The removal of stuck past life core memories that may be effecting you in a variety of ways. The removal of free flying dark entities, that again, may be effecting you. Ancestral curses and curses acquired during this lifetime.
Space Healing: Cleansing of presences’, energies, entities and earth disturbances in the home and workplace.


Major events in a persons present and past lives are stored in the soul. From time to time the soul, when it feels that the person has learned the lesson contained within a particular core memory, releases it and it harmlessly leaves the body. However, occasionally, it can rise up into the subconscious or become ensnared in a Chakra or elsewhere in the physical body where they can directly affect a persons way of being. The trapped memories can cause a number of reactions such as unreasoned thoughts, emotions, fears; an obsession or depression to name but a few.

I use my ability to ‘see’ most of a persons past lives and employing Spiritual Healing, these memories can be cleared. The results can vary from an improvement in a persons way of being through to a life changing exercise. However, this is not a regression technique.

Nobody, I believe, should be made to re-live what may have been any number of horrendous past life events. Then again it has to be said that 2% to 3% of people do auto-regress during healing.

It is known that people can be struck by particles of parasitical presences entities. These presences can have some measure of consciousness of their own. They absorb physical energy leaving the host tired and irritable and again can change a persons way of being. These presences can be cleared. Those that would control others can connect themselves by a psychic umbilical cord to those that they seek to control and steal their energy. In most cases these links can be cut. Most of the above healing procedures can be carried out over the phone. Spiritual Healing as an aid to help conquer any physical ailments is available.