Andrew Reeve, Past Life Healer


In 1982, accompanied by some prompting from some good friends, I discovered that I was able to heal. I am a channel or conduit if you like for the healing energy that is all around us. I was later able to offer the idea that described where I thought I best fitted into the scheme of things. 

Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Healer, Sailor, Candlestick Maker. There, I bet you nearly missed it.

1992 saw my first attempt at past life regression. It was to be my first and last such regression. I altered the procedure and it became re-named ‘Non-Regressive Past Life Healing’.  This was because I realised I could ‘see’ peoples' past lives without having to send them back to relive any traumatic experiences. I don't believe anyone should have to relive some of the atrocities of past lives.

Like most people who set off walking along the spiritual path I found it to be littered with obstacles. But I persevered, stepping back briefly to seek ways around each one. Eventually the discovery that each obstacle was, for me, a learning lesson changed everything.